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The Real Hustle - The Car Dealer Con

The Real Hustle - The Car Dealer Con, BBC3. S09E02

Someone recently performed this con in New Jersey in October 1, 2011, according to the NY Post:

Two NJ men 'stole' Porsche after test drive: cops

Two devious New Jersey thieves pulled a key switcheroo during a test drive of a Porsche, and then came back to steal the flashy ride, cops said yesterday.

The heist began when the two men -- described as white and in their early 20s -- showed up Monday at Princeton Porsche to take a spin in a high-performance $148,000 Panamera.

They left after the road test, police said, but when the dealer opened the next day, the slick four-door ride was gone.

Investigators think the thieves may have returned at night to steal it after handing a fake set of keys back to the dealer.