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Insurance Jobs: Being An Insurance Broker With A Law Degree

0K Likes Insurance jobs are a popular path to do with a law degree. In this video on being an insurance broker, we learn what insurance brokers do from David Orleans, a lawyer and the team leader of an environmental practice at a global insurance broker in San Francisco.

David tells us all about being an insurance broker and walks us through a typical client scenario so we could understand insurance broker jobs. David thinks insurance jobs make great careers for lawyers - he tells JD Careers Out There host Marc Luber that this is due to the many legal skills that come in handy on a typical day.

Whether you're in law school or wondering what to do with a law degree, you may want to check out these alternative law degree jobs. In the full interview at JDCOT, Dave tells us how to break in to insurance jobs and explains a typical day, what skills and personality types best fit this path, and how to succeed.

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