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Car Insurance In Illinois | Slash rates by up to 50% or more on Car Insurance In Illinois

Drivers can finally stop overpaying for Car Insurance In Illinois. With you can instantly compare discounted quotes side by side and find the best option that meets your needs and budget

Illinois Drivers Can Follow These Tips to BIG Discounts On Their Car Insurance

Car Insurance payments in Illinois aren't cheap but it does not mean that Illinois drivers need to overpay. There are several ways that can help Illinois drivers save big on car insurance. Here are some tips you can follow to get cheap car insurance in Illinois.

Buy safety devices for your car. If you're planning to get that theft alarm for your vehicle, this is the right time to do so. Having theft devices on your car would help lower down your insurance costs. These devices would ensure your insurance provider that you are less likely to encounter car theft incidences because you have these things installed.

Use the same insurance provider for all your cars. If you have more than 1 car at home, one good way of saving extra money on auto insurance costs in Illinois is by getting only 1 insurance company for all your cars. This way, you'd easily be able to ask for a multiple car discount. If you can't get a discount on all of your car insurance policies, what most providers do is that they give you a lower rate for your second car. You may pay the same amount for your first car, but the rest of the cars you sign up to them will be priced lower. That's still a good deal.

Group discounts. There are insurance providers who offer discounts if you are a member of certain groups or if you carry a certain credit card. Before signing up with an insurance company in Illinois, it's best to ask if they give discounts to members of organizations or if they are affiliated with credit card unions. Some Agents might not inform you about these discounts unless you ask them.

Look for an insurance company that offers both home and car insurance. Most providers would give you Extra discounts if you get both your home and car insurance to them. Doing this wouldn't only save you money. It also reduces paper works and makes applying easier as you are getting all your assets insured to only one company.

Be a low risk driver. Taking care of your driving record is very important if you want to save on auto insurance expenses. The more tickets you get, the higher you will pay for your car insurance. Insurance providers don't want to cater to people who are prone to accidents as this means shelling out money because of your inability to drive safely. Keep your driving records as clean as possible so you won't have a hard time getting a lower appraisal for your auto insurance.

Keep your credit score good. Most insurance providers conduct credit checks to see if you can pay for your insurance policy. If you have a good credit score, then you don't need to worry about anything. If your credit rating is not good, you might want to look for an insurance company that does not do credit investigations, although this may cost you a higher price for your car insurance. Stick to this insurance company for a while until you're able to improve your credit rating.

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For your convenience, we have listed the official Illinois Department of Insurance contact details below for anyone seeking further information about rules and requirements pertaining to Motor Vehicles and Auto Insurance in Illinois.


122 S. Michigan Ave., 19th Floor
Chicago, IL

Main (312) 814-2420


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